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Torch Lighter - Portable & Windproof

Chic Dress House

Crocodile Metal Portable Windproof Unusual Wrist Watch Cigarette Cigar Lighters Double Fire Torch Lighter Butane Gas Lighter

  • Unique Design: Featuring a crocodile metal exterior, this lighter stands out with its distinctive and stylish appearance.
  • Portable: Compact and easy to carry, it's perfect for on-the-go use, whether you're camping, hiking, or simply out and about.
  • Windproof: Equipped with a double fire torch, this lighter ensures reliable ignition even in windy conditions, making it ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Versatile: Designed not only for lighting cigarettes but also suitable for cigars and other smoking preferences, offering versatility for users.
  • Convenient: Powered by butane gas, it's refillable and long-lasting, providing a reliable source of flame whenever needed.
  • High-Quality: Crafted from durable materials, this lighter is built to withstand daily use and deliver consistent performance over time.



Brand Name:Chic Dress House 


Origin: U.S. Distribution Center

Material: Metal

Style: GAS

Usage: Cigarette


Crocodile Metal Portable Windproof Unusual Wrist Watch Cigarette Cigar Lighters Double Fire Torch Lighter Butane Gas Lighter


► Due to the transportation safety regulations, the products you purchased do not have natural gas, so you need to purchase natural gas yourself (or add kerosene)

1. Keep away from children if it contains pressurized flammable gas;

2. Do not pierce or discard the lighter, nor throw it into the fire;

3. Please use it in a ventilated environment and pay attention to flammable materials;

4. Flammable substances such as face, skin and clothes are prohibited from entering the direction of the fire to avoid danger;

5. When igniting, please identify the position of the fire outlet and press the ignition properly. Different types of lighters use different ignition methods;

6. When using, if the soot and other sundries fall into the fire outlet carelessly, it should be purged in a timely manner to remove the sundries, otherwise it will lead to poor ignition;

7. If the engine cover of loudspeaker, grinding wheel and gasoline lighter is opened, the gas starts to escape. Therefore, when the ignition switch is not started, the machine must be tightly covered for storage;

8. This product is not applicable to lighting. Please do not burn for more than 1 minute to avoid scalding skin due to high temperature;

9. Do not place the lighter in a high temperature environment (50 ° C/122 ° F) for a long time, and avoid direct sunlight for a long time, such as around the stove, outdoor closed unmanned vehicles and luggage;

10. Due to the restriction of climate above 3000 meters on combustion conditions, the ignition performance of windproof and direct impact lighters will be greatly affected. It is recommended to use an open flame lighter at this time;

11. When using desktop and other manual lighters, the positions of seven outlets, presses, air inlets and flame regulators shall be clearly specified to ensure correct use;

12. Qualified butane gas shall be used. Bad gas may damage the lighter or shorten its service life.

Adjust the flame

1. During use, the flame height will change to a certain extent with the decrease of product gas content and the change of ambient temperature. This is normal. You can adjust the flame height appropriately;

2. During use, the normal flame height shall be adjusted to:

1.5-2.5cm for windproof and direct impact lighters; 2.5-4.0cm, suitable for loud, gasoline and open flame lighters;

3. If it is necessary to adjust the flame height, please use a slotted screwdriver to aim at the groove of the flame regulator; If the lighter itself is equipped with an adjusting ring, you can directly adjust it to a clockwise (-) arrow with your fingers to reduce the flame height;

Turn counterclockwise in the direction of the (+) arrow to increase the flame height.

4. The flame height of gasoline lighter shall be controlled by adjusting the height of ignition core. If the flame height is too high, use scissors to cut off a bit of wick;

If the flame height is too low, please pull out the wick correctly.

Gas filling method

1. When inflating, there shall be no sparks or kindling around to ensure safety. Do not add gas when smoking;

2. Qualified butane gas shall be used. Bad gas may damage the lighter or shorten its service life;

3. When inflating ordinary models, turn the lighter upside down, aim it at the cylinder and cover the air inlet of the lighter, and press it hard several times for about 2 seconds each time; If the gas cannot be filled, there may be excessive air left in the gas tank. At this time, you can deflate vertically. At this time, use a small screwdriver to aim at the air inlet, quickly deflate for 1-2 times, and then conduct inflation operation upside down;

4. When refueling with gasoline, open the top cover, pull it out and move it in the opposite direction, lift the outer sponge and add a proper amount of gasoline. After gasoline seeps into the inner cotton, cover the outer sponge and put it into the shell;

5. After replenishing fuel for various lighters, wait for at least one minute, adjust the temperature of the newly filled gas to room temperature, and ignite after the residual gas attached to the surface of the lighter is completely volatilized. If the ignition operation is carried out immediately at this time, the residual gas on the lighter surface may be ignited, causing unnecessary danger. After gas supplement, if the flame height is too high or too low during use, it is normal, and the flame height can be adjusted appropriately.

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